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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – Sakura Takumi Velin – Order 14

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Sakura Takumi Velin

During the repair of Sakura Takumi Velin, you will need to complete these steps:


Note: Parts are listed for quick access.


  • ABS Module


  • ABS Pump


  • Air Filter (I4 B)


  • Air Filter Base (I4 B)


  • Air Filter Cover (I4 B)


  • Brake Servo


  • 2x Cam Gear


  • Camshaft A (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Camshaft B (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Engine Head Cover A (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Engine Head Cover B (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Fuel Filter


  • Fuel Pump


  • Fuel Rail (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Fuse Box Base B


  • Fuse Box Cover B


  • Ignition Wires (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Intake Manifold (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Medium Fuse type A


  • 2x Medium Fuse type B


  • Medium Fuse type C


  • Oil Filter (I4)


  • Power Steering Reservoir


  • Radiator C


  • Radiator Fan (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • 2x Relay type A


  • Relay type B


  • 2x Relay type C


  • Serpentine Belt A (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Serpentine Belt B (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Serpentine Belt C (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • 4x Spark Plug


  • Spark Plug Cover (I4 DOHC TAE)


  • Throttle (V6 B)


  • Windshield Washer Reservoir


  • Front Bumper B


  • Front Left Door Window


  • Front License Plate


  • Front Right Door Window


  • Hood B


  • Left Body Window A


  • Left Headlight B


  • Left Side Mirror


  • Left Taillight B


  • Rear License Plate


  • Right Body Window A


  • Right Headlight B


  • Right Side Mirror


  • Right Taillight B


  • Trunk Window


  • Windshield


  • Change oil


  • Change Brake, Coolant, Power Steering, and Windshield fluid


  • Perform Headlamp alignment


  • It’s currently 30 degrees out.


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