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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Review – Is it better than Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

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What is Car Mechanic Simulator 2021?

We run a modest auto repair shop and take orders from customers to earn money and develop expertise. Jobs are becoming increasingly difficult, but we also have access to additional tools, gadgets, and talents. Finally, it’s about improving the workshop so that we can buy, repair, overhaul, and tune our own cars when we have enough money. Customer jobs are enjoyable, and special jobs are considerably more difficult, but they reward us with barn cards (where we can locate wrecks) and boxes (surprise).




By accumulating experience through successful assignments, we can develop our skills. We can screw faster, get better discounts on parts, have a better likelihood of a good repair, and spend less time inspecting parts. New rooms can also be added to the workshop. For example, the crucial diagnostic path, another lifting platform, the paint shop, or junk salvaging are all examples. New diagnostic instruments can also be purchased to read electronics, verify the printing system, or repair a growing number of parts.



Outside of the workshop activities

In the parking garage, we have more space than we’ve ever had. Initially, ten parking places are available for free, but we can expand the side street and purchase extra parking spaces as needed. The test track, race track, and high-speed track have all been entirely redesigned and maintain their previous functions. Barns are also available once more if you obtain the cards through special assignments. There are unusual autos and replacement components that can be found there. With each visit, the car dealer offers us three new cars. The junkyard has also been entirely renovated, and we are now able to find antique wrecks that we can restore, as well as process a large amount of scrap. We have two different auction sections this time. Salvage Cars only has models with a maximum rating of three stars, so we have a lot of work ahead of us. We get superior models with a maximum of 5 stars at car auctions, in which at least all parts are complete. Both auction rooms have been remodeled.



The new shopping list has arrived!

Finally, auto parts buying is no longer a chore and is much more enjoyable. We can simply add missing parts to the shopping list if we discover them while repairing the car or engine. We choose a category and display the note in the shop. When we click on the desired component, it will appear in the shop. The entry is then deleted once more. The amazing part is that you can do anything using the keyboard, and it’s even faster than using the mouse, at least in my opinion. When we’re in the inventory, we may also put the parts on the slip. Everything that needs to be replaced (because of damage) is simply added to the slip of paper by pressing a different button. This saves a lot of time, is even enjoyable, and is the most beneficial change. The shop has been cleaned up a little as well, and the automobiles that are currently in our workshop are now on display for body parts. You can, of course, search by category or keyword like previously.



Innovations Compared to CMS18

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is the new launch of PlayWay S.A. that brings many new features compared to its predecessor Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.


  • In comparison to CMS18, there are three degrees of difficulty to choose from (+ a sandbox). For example, in easy mode, we have more money, we can see screws, and all broken parts are displayed. The higher our level in normal mode, the tougher the tasks become. As an expert, we no longer see screw outlines and must hunt for every broken item ourselves. We have complete talents and infinite money in the sandbox.


  • There are now mini-games in which you must stop the cursor in a specific location. This is how it is determined whether or not a part can be fixed, as well as how many scrap parts there are.


  • We can cannibalize pieces that are too badly damaged to get leftovers, and then we can sell them when we have enough.


  • Liquids such as windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, and the coolant must now be checked and topped up in orders, as opposed to CMS18.


  • The car’s wheels must now be adjusted, or else it will drive unsteadily. We also need to fine-tune the headlights.


  • After the rust has been removed, certain screws can only be loosened.


  • We can now fix brakes on a dedicated machine in addition to body pieces and car components.


  • Our cars are even more unique because of the extra components on the roof. Install flashing lights or a taxi symbol in your vehicle.


  • Fuses are a relatively modern invention: These can fail, necessitating the replacement of numerous relays and fuses.


  • Several parts of a group can be inspected simultaneously using a new special inspection mode.


  • Individual components can now be colored separately in the paint shop. There are new decals available.


  • On the test tracks, car handling has greatly improved. In corners, you now have more control and it’s better than before.


  • The loading times appear to be really fast to me (SSD). I can alter the card in a matter of seconds if you like. Overall, the gameplay is smoother and saving and loading times are much faster.




The CMS21 persuaded me because, as a simulator should, it taught me something, and when I set up the cars and engines, I get the impression that I’m in this workshop doing actual work. Graphically, the models are excellent, the controls for the cake menu are intuitive, and the game provides me with plenty of possibilities to play freely and complete a variety of chores. While the CPU gets bored, the game continues to consume GPU power. There were no crashes or game-breaking problems for me. The long-term incentive is unquestionably provided, and the basic version’s material is sufficient. The cost is approximately 20-25 Dollars.


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