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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – I’m Unable to Drive My Car on Test Track

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I’m Unable to Drive My Car on Test Track – Issue Fix

On the test track, some players are unable to move their cars. To fix this issue, you can use one of the methods listed below.



Method 1

To begin, quit the game and relaunch it using the Steam launcher’s “Reset settings” option. After starting the game with the reset settings, you must exit and restart it again, but the first option is “Play CMS2021.”. Go to test track. You can control your car with your keyboard now.



How to Use Reset Settings

When you start your game from your steam library, the launcher proposes you to:


  • 1. Play CMS2021.


  • 2. Launch car editor.


  • 3. Reset settings.


  • 4. Workshop uploader.


  • 5. Safe mode.


You must choose the third proposition to reset settings!



Method 2

  • 1. Reset Setting in the Steam launcher. The game should start.


  • 2. Go to the test track and move backward.


  • 3. Exit the game.


  • 4. Run the game normally.


  • 5. Go to the test track.


  • 6. You can now control your car with your keyboard.


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2 months ago

Heey! I found out how to get this to work (removing everything in %appdata%LocalLowRed Dot Games didn’t help). Used this guide: No Throttle / Brake in Test Drive This was an issues that only affect a small number of players who started playing since the very first release – v1.0.0. To fix issue you need : 1) run regedit WINDOWS KEY + R, type regedit run it (with administrator rights) 2) go into HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWARERed Dot Games 3)click on “Car Mechanic Simulator 2021” folder, and delete This will delete game settings and should clear out broken keys After that if you… Read more »