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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – I’m Unable to Drive My Car on Test Track

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Experiencing issues controlling your car on the test track? Don’t fret. We’ve got a couple of fixes for you to try out.



Fix 1: Reset Game Settings

  • Exit your game completely.


  • Open Steam and launch your game. When presented with options, select “Reset settings.”


  • After the game initializes with the reset settings, close it.


  • Relaunch the game and select “Play CMS2021.”


  • Head to the test track. You should regain control over your car with the keyboard.


Note: For those unfamiliar, “Reset settings” can be found in your Steam game launch options, third on the list.



Fix 2: Reverse Your Way Out

  • Launch the game using the “Reset Settings” option in Steam.


  • Once in-game, drive to the test track and reverse your car a bit.


  • Close the game.


  • Restart the game the way you normally would.


  • Return to the test track. Your keyboard controls should be back in action.


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