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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – FMW Panther MK1 Performance – Order 8

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FMW Panther MK1 Performance

During the repair of FMW Panther MK1 Performance, you will need to complete these steps:


Note: Parts are listed for quick access.


  • At this point, you need to buy the Paintshop level 1 (15000 CR)


  • Brake Caliper


  • Brake Disc


  • Brake Pads


  • Oil Filter (V8)


  • Race Tire (235/35R18) ET:0 Note: 235 refers to the width, 35R is profile, The 18 at the end is size.


  • Rear Axle Knuckle Housing A


  • Rear Drive Axle


  • Rear Shock Absorber Cap


  • Rear Spring


  • Rear Suspension Arm


  • Rear Suspension Arm B


  • Rear Suspension Upper Arm


  • Rear Wheel Hub


  • Rim 18A (18″) ET:0


  • Rubber Brushing


  • Spring Cap


  • Sway Bar Rear End Link


  • Wheel Hub 3


  • Front Bumper B


  • Front Left Fender


  • Front Right Fender


  • Rear Bumper B


  • Right Headlight B (You can find the B parts in the Body Tuning Shop)


  • Change Oil


  • Spray car with factory paint


  • Change coolant fluid


  • Refill windshield fluid


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3 months ago

The oil filter is the wrong part. The right part is I4 not V8