Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Small Bloons Option? - MGW

Bloons TD 6 – How to Get Small Bloons Option?

Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Small Bloons Option?

Let’s get started; this is an example of this secret option;


Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Small Bloons Option?


And this is a revealed achievement with a not helpful description;


Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Small Bloons Option?

Bloons TD 6 - How to Get Small Bloons Option?


Small Bloon Option is a setting in Bloons Tower Defense 6 that was first added in Version 12.0. It is unlocked after beating a secret achievement called “Alchermistman and Bloonacleboy.” This can be completed and revealed when a Bloon Master Alchemist has 900,000+ pops in a single game medium difficulty or higher before Round 100.


Unlike Big Bloon Option, Small Bloon Option can be advantageous when the player needs to see through massive rushes of bloons. For instance, it is easier to see certain bloons between dense groups of normally large bloons, especially on Race Events. There are no gameplay mechanic benefits or downsides; however, it’s purely cosmetic.


The mode does not have to be completed to unlock the achievement. Similar to Big Bloon Option, the effect is purely visual, and it can be enabled on CHIMPS Mode. Before Version 17.0, enabling both options would cancel each other’s effects out.



Early Game and Late Game Set-Up

To set up, pick any map you like and put a ninja monkey on early game.


Now spam banana farms and put a Monkey Alchemist and upgrade it.


In Late-Game, make sure to make Monkey Alchemist upgraded to 0-2-5 and give buffs to 0-2-5 Monkey Alchemist.


However, the Bloon Master Alchemist is TURNING EVERY BLOON INTO RED BLOON THAT GIVES MANY POPS (Except B.A.D)


Because B.A.D has many resistances and many immunities, it’s so strong.




Both the achievement’s name and the description are clear references to the TV Show SpongeBob SquarePants. Specifically, the former references Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, while the latter references a quote in Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy IV.


However, the actual quote is: “You got it set to ‘M’ for Mini when it should be set to ‘W’ for Wumbo.”


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