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The Isle – How to Burrow?

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How to Burrow?

Currently, the only creatures that can burrow are the Psittacosaurus and the Dryosaurus. First, hold down right-click. Your dino will start digging at the ground and a burrow will slowly build up.


When it is complete, just walk into the burrow and then hold right click and you will slide inside. You will now be inside a cave-like structure, safe from the outside. To exit your burrow, walk through the opening or hold right-click while standing close to the door. Warning: Do not safelog inside a burrow. Currently, you will die if you do this.


– You can not enter a burrow with a broken leg.


– Hatchlings can also enter burrows.


– Juvie Utahraptors can enter your burrow and attack you if you’re inside.



Destroying a Burrow

To destroy your burrow, just aim the camera at it and click E to destroy. Make sure you destroy your burrow before you leave because you cannot have 2 burrows at a time. Logging out will also destroy your burrow.


– Only the burrow owner can destroy their burrow.


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