Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition – XP Farm Guide

Best XP Farming

Our Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition XP Farming Guide features a look at some of the best and fastest methods on gaining experience in the game.


in this game you will spend hours upon hours digivolving your digimon through various forms but to do this effectively you need to level a lot preferably in short amounts of time. To do this you need 3 of one specific digimon Platinum numemon, whose support skill greatly increases given EXP. (you can also use platinumSukamon but the effect is lower).


The digivolution line is like so: Pabumon -> Motimon-> Hagurumon->GoldNumemon->PlatinumNumemon


Alternatively if you at this point cannot meet the requirements of PlatinumNumemon you can have Hagurumon become PlatinumSukamon instead.


Also after chapter 18 you can buy PlatinumNumemon from the digimon market (if you still have it and you can) You can buy PlatinumSukamon during chapter 12.


You are not done yet though next you need 9 (or 6 with PlatinumSukamon) Tactician USBs. If you do not yet have the Abyss server (not surprising and not an issue). In order to get them first gather 10 digimon to place in 1 farm (min) use Developer Patch from the Eden entrance shop to make them builders. And place them all in the farm. Now ensure you can place at least 2 Developer’s know how (you can get these from the Digilab shop). Now choose develop and choose the 1000 yen option then wait until the timer is down to 2-5 minutes save your game and then when the timer has finished and the item received is NOT tactician USB then exit to the title screen and load game. Repeat the last part until the Tactician USB appears. You need 9 of these so it is advised you do this with more than 1 farm (keep them 1 or 2 minutes apart from each other) and use as many Developer’s know how as you can afford (at least 2 each farm where you are farming the tactician USBs).


Once you have all that go to Kowloon lvl 5 and use function call for combat win with 3 PlatinumNumemon with the equipped USBs. You should earn around 30-60 thousand EXP per fight the reason i choose this place is due to the speed of the battles. You can try other places with higher yields but it may be slower than this.


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