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Someday You’ll Return – All QR Code Locations

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All QR Code Locations

  • When you lose your phone signal during Chapter 1, take a right and grab the QR code for Kazatelna off the tree.


  • After Ida calls you in Chapter 1, walk forward under the big horizontal branch to the “green” tree for Spring U Misy.


  • On the left side of the chapel in Chapter 2.


  • From the chapel in Chapter 2, follow the yellow path using your phone and the colored markers until you come to a bridge. Turn around and head down toward St. Gorazd Spring. Grab the QR code from the wall you have to climb up.


  • At Cimburk Castle entrance (Chapter 5). You’ll find yourself there when going from the totem to the castle (look for a map and a signpost, as well as a red ribbon on a tree, then turn around and go up a short hill). Find the code to the right of the door.


  • Inside Karst Caves (Chapter 5), take the upper right then left path after you cross the stream using your spear.


  • On the right side of the Hrensko Graveyard chapel (Chapter 7).


  • At the camp in Chapter 8, take the path to the right of the large green tent and go up the wooden stairs to find the Pravcice Gate code.


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