CODE VEIN - Drain Attack - MGW

CODE VEIN – Drain Attack

CODE VEIN - Drain Attack

Attack type: Determines what defense your Drain Attacks will check when performed. Enemies have different resistances to different types. It will always be a physical type (Slash Pierce Crush).


Physical: The added value of both the base and the scaling.


Base: This damage is the flat damage of your Drain Attack, determined by the Blood Veil.


Scaling: This damage is going up or down based on how well your stats mesh with the scaling of the Blood Veil.


Blood, Fire, Ice, Lightning: If your Blood Veil is transformed, this is where you will see the added damage to your Drain Attack.


Drain Rating: Determines how much Ichor you drain from an enemy with a drain attack. This value is used for the Drain Attacks only and not for regular attacks.


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