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TEKKEN 8: How to Turn ON/OFF V-Sync

TEKKEN 8: How to Turn ON/OFF V-Sync

We’re gonna chat about V-Sync real quick. In gamer speak, V-Sync (aka Vertical Synchronization for those who wanna get all technical) is this sick tool that ensures your game is smooth as silk. The goal?? Making sure your game’s frames per second jive perfectly with your monitor’s refresh rate. When they’re in harmony, man it’s like your screen’s putting on a flawless show…


When it comes to fighting games like TEKKEN 8, every millisecond counts. We’re talking about split second reactions here… If your game’s stuttering like it just got stage fright, you might miss that perfect moment to land a combo & show your opponent what’s up; that’s where V-Sync comes in, keeping everything running smoother than a fresh jar of peanut butter.


Now on the flip side, VSync isn’t always the hero we want it to be; sometimes it can introduce a little thing called input lag. That’s when there’s a delay between you mashing that button and your character actually throwing a punch on the screen. In the high-stakes world of TEKKEN 8, that’s a no-go. So sometimes, you might wanna turn V-Sync off to keep your moves quick and responsive.


Alright now that we’re clear on what V-Sync is and why it’s important in fighting games, let’s get down to business and talk about how to turn this thing on or off in TEKKEN 8.


  • Fire up Tekken 8 and navigate to the options menu. This is your command center for tweaking the game settings.


  • Head over to the graphics settings.


  • Look out for the V-Sync option (3rd setting on this menu). If you want to keep your game running smoother than a hot knife through butter, turn V-Sync ON. But if you’re looking to cut down on that pesky input lag, switch it to OFF. You do you.


But hold up, there might be a little snag. If the V-Sync option is all greyed out and acting like it doesn’t know you, don’t sweat it -> you might just need to fiddle around with some other settings in the Graphics menu. Try messing with the resolution or switching up the screen mode.


And don’t forget to check out the upscaling settings too. Some of these options might be throwing a wrench in the works and keeping V-Sync on lockdown. For example, if you switch upscaling to AMD FSR 3 ultra performance, you might notice V-Sync gets all shy and greys out. So keep your eyes peeled and make sure everything’s playing nice.


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