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TEKKEN 8: How to Turn ON/OFF HDR

TEKKEN 8: How to Turn ON/OFF HDR

Before we get all technical with the steps, lemme break down what HDR is. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. In the simplest terms, it’s like when you’re taking those fire pics for the ‘gram and you use that filter that makes the brights brighter and the darks darker. In gaming, it makes everything look more lifelike & vibrant. If your monitor is boujee enough to support it, then you definitely wanna hop on the HDR train for a more immersive Tekken 8 experience.



How to Toggle HDR in TEKKEN 8

  • First things first, check if your monitor is HDR-friendly. Dive into its settings or check out the manufacturer’s website to see if it’s HDR-compatible → if you get a green light you’re set. If not → consider upgrading your setup to maximize your TEKKEN 8 experience.


  • Now, assuming you’re rocking an HDR-ready monitor, let’s roll up our sleeves. Boot up TEKKEN 8 and head to the options menu.


  • Within the options, make your way to Screen Settings; this is your hub for visual adjustments. You’ll want to give this section a good look to ensure your visuals are on point.


  • Next up the main event. At the top of the screen settings, you’ll spot Dynamic Range Settings; dive into that, and voilà, there lies the HDR toggle.


  • Given that your monitor is set for HDR you can easily switch the HDR mode on or off here… Flip it on, and you’ll immediately see the transformation – the game just springs into action.


  • Give It a Whirl. Don’t just take my word for it though. Hop into a match and witness the change firsthand. Those punches? They’ll land with more oomph. And the kicks? They’ll have that extra snap.


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