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TEKKEN 8: How to Show FPS

TEKKEN 8: How to Show FPS

Ever wanted to keep tabs on how sleek your gameplay’s running or just make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck hardware-wise? The FPS (Frames Per Second) display is your trusty sidekick. Let’s dive in and get that FPS showing.


  • The Starting Point: Launch your game, and hit up the options. It’s the go-to hub for tweaking & customizing how you experience TEKKEN 8.


  • The Visuals Playground: Navigate over to the graphic settings. This is your control center for all things visual. If you’re looking to get the game looking crisp or just wondering about performance, this is the spot.


  • Dig a Little Deeper: Keep scrolling until you find the measure / display FPS option.


  • Show It Off: Ready to get that FPS insight? Slide that setting to on. Just like that, you’ll have the FPS count posted up in the top left; it’s a handy way to gauge how your game’s doing in real-time…


  • Stealth Mode: If there comes a time when you wanna go incognito and ditch the FPS display, no sweat; just toggle that setting back to off, and you’re back to basics.


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