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TEKKEN 8: How to Turn ON/OFF Cross-Play

TEKKEN 8: How to Turn ON/OFF Cross-Play

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, let’s chat about what Cross-Play actually is… Ever had a buddy who’s rockin’ a PlayStation while you’re on your Xbox or PC and you’re just wishing you could throw down in TEKKEN 8 together? Well, Cross-Play is like the gaming gods’ answer to our prayers. It breaks down those annoying platform barriers, letting players from different gaming systems connect & play together. It’s like a big gaming party and everyone’s invited, no matter what console or system they’re using. Pretty rad, right??



Alright, I’m Hooked. How Do I Turn Cross-Play ON/OFF in TEKKEN 8?

  • Hit up the Options Menu: First things first, navigate your way to the Options menu; this is like the command center for making all sorts of tweaks to your game.


  • Dive into Game Option Settings: Within Options, you’re looking for “Game Option Settings.” Select this to open up a whole new world of settings specifically tailored for your gaming experience.


  • Find and Fiddle with Cross-Platform Play: In this menu, keep your eyes peeled for “Crossplatform Play.” Found it? Great! Now it’s time to make some decisions →


-If you’re all about that inclusive gaming life and want to battle friends (or foes) across different platforms, flip that switch to “On.” This lets the game know you’re down to play with anyone, anywhere, no matter what console they’re gaming on.


-On the flip side, if you’re looking to keep things local and just want to throw down with folks on your own platform, set that option to “Off.” This keeps your matches in-house, so to speak.


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