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TEKKEN 8: How to Change Language

TEKKEN 8: How to Change Language

So you’ve snagged TEKKEN 8, but whoa—why’s it speaking Russian or Greek? If you’re itching to tweak those language settings, don’t sweat it. Whether you’re jamming on Steam with your PC, grooving on the PS5, or dominating on the Xbox Series X|S, this guide has all the deets you need…



PC (Steam)

  • Start Steam: Launch your Steam client on your PC.


  • Hit the Library: Once you’re in, click on the ‘Library’ tab up top.


  • Spot TEKKEN 8: Within your library, find TEKKEN 8. Either scroll or use the search bar to speed things up.


  • Jump into Properties: Right-click TEKKEN 8 and choose ‘Properties’.


  • Language Vibes: Inside ‘Properties’, there’s a ‘Language’ section, usually under the ‘General’ tab.


  • Choose Your Jam: Click the current language to see other options. Pick the one you vibe with.


  • Lock and Reload: Click ‘OK’ or ‘Apply’. You might need to reboot Steam or at least the game to see the changes.


  • Double-Check In-Game: If TEKKEN 8’s still speaking another language, peek at the in-game settings. Sometimes the language options chill there too.



PlayStation 5

  • Go to Settings: On your PS5 screen, there’s a gear icon in the corner. That’s your settings.


  • Language Hunt: Jump into ‘Language and Region’. Sony’s stashed the language options there.


  • Whole Console Shift: If you wanna switch the language for everything (yeah, all your games), go for ‘Console Language’ and select your fave.


  • Game On, Again: Made changes? Exit TEKKEN 8 and fire it up again to see the magic.



Xbox Series X|S

  • System Dive: Press the Xbox button on your controller. Go to ‘Profile & system’, then ‘Settings’.


  • Language Quest: Find ‘Language & location’ in the settings.


  • Lock in Your Pick: Choose your language, hit ‘Restart now’, and you’re golden.


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