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TEKKEN 8: How to Hide HUD

TEKKEN 8: How to Hide HUD

If you’re tryna get some pure, unadulterated TEKKEN 8 action without all those pesky on-screen widgets messing up your visuals, you’ve landed in the right spot. We’re about to dive deep into the how-to of getting rid of that HUD so you can flex on your opponents without any distractions and take those clean screenshots; let’s get to it!



Pause It Up

Alright, first things first, you gotta hit that pause button. Right in the middle of the beatdown, just freeze the action for a sec. We’re going under the hood.



Slide into Display Settings

Now that you’ve got the game on hold, navigate your way over to the display settings. It’s like the wardrobe of Tekken 8, where you decide what your game’s gonna wear. Or in this case, what it’s gonna take off.



HUD? Nah We Good

Inside those display settings, you’re gonna see a whole list of stuff you probably never even noticed before. All those HUD elements?? Time to ghost ’em.


  • HUD: This is the main thing you’re gonna wanna hide. Flip that switch to Hide and watch it disappear.


  • Player Attack Info: Unless you’re trying to study every move, why even have this on? Tuck it away fam.


  • Player Frame Info: If you’re not deep into the frame data (or just want a cleaner look), make this one go poof too.


  • Hit Properties: This one’s a matter of personal taste. If you wanna keep things super clean, then hide this as well.



Back to the Brawl…

With all that clutter gone, you can get back to your game and enjoy the clean, crisp view of your character handing out beatdowns without all those numbers and bars getting in the way. It’s just you, your opponent and the sweet, sweet graphics…


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