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TEKKEN 8: How to Turn ON/OFF Motion Blur

TEKKEN 8: How to Turn ON/OFF Motion Blur

Let’s chat about what motion blur is. You ever notice in movies or TV shows when something moves real quick and it kinda looks all blurry & smeared?? That’s motion blur… It’s that visual effect that makes fast movement look a bit blurred, kinda like it’s trailing behind. In video games, it’s used to make stuff look more realistic & cinematic. But not everyone’s into it, you feel? Some peeps think it’s rad, while others think it’s a total buzzkill for their gameplay. Totally up to you which camp you’re in.



Toggling Motion Blur in TEKKEN 8

Alright now that we’re on the same page about what motion blur is -> let’s get into the nitty-gritty of turning it ON or OFF in TEKKEN 8:


  • Game On: Fire up Tekken 8 on your console or PC; get past any intro screens until you’re at the main menu.


  • Navigate to Options: Look for the Options tab on the main menu; it’s where you can tweak all sorts of settings to get your game looking & feeling just how you like…


  • Head to Screen Settings: Once you’re in the Options, you’re gonna wanna find Screen Settings; it’s where all the visual magic happens.


  • Spotting Motion Blur: Now, at the top of the Screen Settings -> you can’t miss it, there’s a section labeled Motion Blur Settings.


  • Flip the Switch: In the Motion Blur Settings, you’ll see options to turn it ON or OFF. Choose your vibe. If you wanna get that cinematic feel, turn it ON. If you’re more about that clear, sharp action turn it OFF.


  • Save & Exit: Don’t forget to save your settings before you bounce out. Most games auto-save these changes but always double-check so you don’t gotta do it all over again…


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