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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion – FAQ: Questions You Might Have

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FAQ: Questions You Might Have

Q: Is it worthwhile to get a combat cap (Marza, Kortul, Radiance) and level it up on neutral defenders while ecoing?


A: No, it is not. With colony frigates only, your expansion will be slow. Moreover, even a combat cap ship will not kill neutral defenders fast enough to level up and keep expanding, Even a level 6 Marza which has the most powerful ultimate ability in the game (Missile Barrage) is not a game-changer mid-game.



Q: Is it worthwhile to get about 20-25 light frigates or 30-40 corvettes to clear neutral planets faster?


A: No, it is not. The fleet construction costs and supply tax will outweigh any benefit such rapid expansion might provide.



Q: Is it worthwhile to get a non-trade economy (only social specializations)?


A: Generally, no. It is definitely a bad idea as TEC. As Advent or Vasari, it is more viable, because Advent can get large allegiance bonus, and Vasari have a tech which increases population growth by 40%. Advent Rebel probably can use this technology the most as it provides for very powerful Wail of the Sacrificed later on. However, this strategy is only good in like 10% of cases and is extremely spot-dependant. Also, population economy is vulnerable to Novalith shots.



Q: If there are multiple eco players on my team, who should feed first and who should get a bigger economy?


A: Let us imagine you have three eco players, a TEC, Advent, and Vasari player. Advent player should feed first as they have the lowest development potential, Vasari player should focus on mid-term eco and helping allies militarily, TEC players always focus on late-game economy and superweapons.



Q: How do I tell who I should feed?


A: Besides what is mentioned in the relevant section of the guide, you should consider who can use the feed to influence the game in a swift fashion. Helping a winning player to finish the enemy off and get his own economy is a great idea, as it usually applies pressure to the enemy’s eco player.



Q: How do I choose a Novalith target?


A: Pick the most combat-engaged or the weakest player on the enemy team. Getting one out of the game is more important than trying to damaged a developed eco player.


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