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OUTRIDERS – Weapon Modding Guide

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Weapon Modding

There are some very, very basic mods that will help you out at any point throughout the campaign, some more than others, as is ever the case, though these differ greatly from class to class. Technomancer’s innate healing ability through any form of damage dealt won’t quite require as much raw healing through kills against something such as a Trickster, which only gains raw health through killing enemies in close range (And shield!).


Quite early on into the game, you’ll come across Dr. Zahedi, who once saved will allow you to modify your weapons & armor at the cost of Leather & Iron, as well as Titanium for specific purposes such as upgrading rarity or leveling up an item to keep it relevant. He’s an extremely vital piece to creating an enjoyable and smooth transition from early to mid-game and even endgame as he’s the one you’ll be chatting with often to create and toy with specific builds.



Healing Based

1 204Soul Devourer

Every killing blow dealt by a weapon with Soul Devourer will regenerate a specific portion of your health that varies by the level of the weapon you are using.



2 79Essence Thief

The simplified version of the above Soul Devourer mod, Essence Thief serves to generate health for every shot that connects with an enemy, albeit with a singular second twixt as a ‘downside’. This fits superbly well for weaponry that deals high damage in a single shot; or can even be combined with Skill Leech & Weapon Leech to further increase your healing and thus overall survivability, as there’s no condition of an enemy being slain!



3 25Striga

A perfect mod for nigh any weapon, beyond maybe shotguns, but it’s also best suited to builds based more around gunplay and firepower than anomaly-based builds due to the fact it’s solely dependent on critical hits, yielding a, surprisingly powerful, 30% critical hit damage gained as health. If you aren’t too bothered about hitting your headshots or hitting weak points in general, this likely won’t be for you!



Utility & Status

4 13Clip Roller

Clip Roller is essentially one of those utility mods that helps out tremendously when you’re dealing with slower reloads such as with Light Machineguns & Full-Auto Shotguns. When under 50% magazine capacity with the selected weapon that has this mod you may roll to reload all of your equipped weapons, essentially nullifying any reload you may require in tight situations, which may just occur midway through the game when the World Tiers start to weigh in a little harder.



5Perpetuum Mobile

Almost a must-have on Tactical AR’s for gunplay-oriented Technomancers and on Full-Auto Shotguns when paired with a Magazine skill such as Twisted Rounds due to the massively plausible uptime it can provide. Essentially, these magazine modifying skills count for the entirety of your magazine but aren’t currently limited to a set number of bullets, thusly, killing an enemy whilst you’re under 35% ammunition in your magazine will refill the entire magazine without taking from reserves, essentially nullifying the downside of these abilities and thusly allowing them to serve for what is essential, as an example, ten magazines instead of one or two if used correctly.



6 3Freezing Bullets

Who doesn’t like freezing enemies in place, leaving them unable to react in any way? That’s right; freezing bullets does exactly what you think it would do. Whilst not quite as efficient against Elites due to them often growing immune before they are killed for a time, it may yet save yourself from an untimely demise at times. Whilst it doesn’t interrupt enemies specifically, it does give you extra lee-way in how you’ll approach a situation, or how you may instead advance forward. Simple, but effective! It also combos quite well with Icebreaker, but that’s a more endgame-oriented mod you won’t come across often unless you get lucky.



7 3Ashen Bullets

A little more ‘damage’ oriented than Freezing Bullets due to the intricacies with Pyromancer and specific armor mods, it is essentially the same as the aforementioned with a downside of not quite lasting as long. This is somewhat off-set due to the Pyromancers skill tree, but generally with the right armor mod combinations and an Ashen Bullets modded weapon you just might find yourself locking down enemies, especially those pesky Alpha’s.



DPS & Raw Damage

8 1Gravedigger’s Frenzy

Yes, Gravedigger’s Frenzy & Striga share the exact same picture, but they are vastly different. Gravedigger’s actually grants you an additional 50% damage increase to your Critical Damage upon hitting a critical hit for five seconds, with a ten-second cooldown. Essentially it’s an Elite-focused mod that can help you burst down stronger monsters through focused fire and hitting your headshots consistently. It might not seem like much; but just imagine your shotguns or sniper rifles hitting for 50% extra per shot whilst they already absolutely decimate enemies, just like tactical AR’s.



9Storm Whip

As simple as; “Free damage!” – Storm Whip offers you a set amount of free lightning bolt damage every two seconds, regardless of distance, as long as you connect with said enemy. This allows even pistols to serve dutifully at AR ranges if you’re out of ammunition or ill-equipped, and it serves even better on weapons that don’t possess a massive damage output such as LMG’s to really give them that bump of damage to make suppressing fire all the more worthwhile.



0Anomaly Surge

Just like Storm Whip, Anomaly Surge is essentially a free DPS increase, albeit at the cost of only activating through critical hits. However, unlike its partner-in-crime, Anomaly Surge has a relatively small AoE to it (2M’s), which may just bring enemies out of hiding or tear apart groups of enemies such as the small Perforo’s.


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