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OUTRIDERS – Surviving The Battlefield & Recommendations

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Surviving The Battlefield & Recommendations

Where to get started. Truly, it depends primarily on what class you chose to play. In my honest opinion, Technomancer may just be the ‘easiest’ to keep alive out of all four, whereas the Pyromancer is, again in my opinion, difficult to start with until you unlock Volcanic Rounds, at least.



As such, let’s first discuss that what you already know.

Technomancers gain health through any and all damage dealt.


Pyromancers gain health through killing enemies affected or ‘marked’ by their skills.


Tricksters gain health & shield through killing enemies at close range.


Devastators gain health through killing enemies at close range.


Knowing such, Technomancers have a myriad of ways to keep themselves topped off, whilst Trickster will have to enter the fray and get up close and personal the same as the Devastator to ensure survival when we exclude mods. Pyromancers are a little in-between as some of their skills can be used long-range, as well as the fact that Volcanic Rounds kills count as ‘marked’ kills, so they benefit more from mods such as Essence Thief when the going gets rough so they may avoid being absolutely decimated by bosses pinning them down in one spot.


Now, how do we handle this per class? Well, let’s get started with my own main, the Devastator into the Trickster, Technomancer & Pyromancer, in that order.



Devastator Survival

For the Devastator, being in the thick of it is your go-to. To this end, I personally made far too much use of an auto-shotgun modded with Perpetuum Mobile and Anomaly Surge to swiftly deal with enemies and keep my ammunition topped-off. Essence Thief and any mod of your choosing on a tactical AR at this time will definitely aid in longer-range engagements to make up for some of those unavoidable sniper hits whilst you charge forward.


LMG’s are also a perfect choice here when paired with Clip Roller and Storm Whip, Anomaly Surge, or any other major damage mod you may have, whichever ends up fitting your playstyle. Pair any of these with your Golem skill and the “Heal for 15% of damage dealt, 30% on kill” Gravity Leap mod on your armor to avoid damage as best you may, but also healing yourself back to full right away with just one leap.



Trickster Survival

Much like the like-minded Devastator, you’re going to be right in the thick of it all if you intend to keep yourself up and running. Luckily there are skills such as the Barrier that’ll slow down time and catch bullets for you, allowing you to essentially have free reign for as long as it’s up. Intertwine this with the overtly powerful Twisted Rounds & Perpetuum Mobile on a narrow or slug auto-shotgun and you’ll be absolutely demolishing content as long as you watch your ammo count. This becomes even easier once you gain an armor piece that adds one or two more magazines to Twisted Rounds to essentially keep it up throughout any content you may wish to indulge in. You really won’t need much more than that, so use whatever you like best and you’ll be through the game in no time.



Technomancer Survival

By far the simplest for survival, any and all damage have a percentage that is returned as health, that being through weapons and skills. Better yet, as a support-oriented class, the cryo-turret and rocket launcher/minigun are extremely effective in locking enemies down, taking down entire groups, or just providing a continuous stream of healing to keep you up. Blighted Rounds make this even easier due to the Firepower increase and the poison that’ll just light enemies up until you run out. Truly, any weapon can be an effective weapon in the hands of a Technomancer.



Pyromancer Survival

A little bit of an iffy one, but early on Pyromancers are generally speaking the ‘weakest’ right up until they unlock Volcanic Rounds and slowly but surely build up their arsenal. To make up for this, they have extremely high kill potential, to begin with, and when played right, can end up yielding better results than the others, solely due to the fact that Anomaly Power & Firepower play a surprisingly large role for them in equal measure, which when paired together creates a symphony of destruction. If I was to give out slight recommendations, early on absolutely consider running Striga, Essence Thief, or Soul Devourer to keep yourself upright. Later on, further building on your ignite abilities with armor and maybe even weapon perks, you’ll be burning nigh everything to a crisp.


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