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OUTRIDERS – How to Heal Your Class

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How to Heal Your Class

Outriders doesn’t have typical health items. Instead, each of the classes has a different way to heal that comes from killing enemies in specific ways.


  • Devastator: Gain health back simply by standing near an enemy you kill. This is a close-range tank class, so you’ll be taking a lot of damage, but the more you kill, the more you gain.


  • Pyromancer: Marking an enemy with your class ability and then killing them will grant you health. There are also a few Pyromancer skills that allow you to leech health from others.


  • Trickster: This is another easy one. You have to kill enemies at close range and you’ll gain health back. Tricksters also get shield buffs.


  • Technomancer: This is the closest Outriders gets to a support class, so there are plenty of skills you can unlock that can heal you and your allies. Regardless, the Technomancer also gains health back as they deal damage.


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