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How to Farm Ores Quickly

In the “Rift Town” region, “Crossroads” fast travel point there are 3 ore deposits within a few meters around the fast travel point. Look for their blue glow, they are all on walls. Mine them, then use the fast travel point to return to the “Camp” fast travel point. Talk to the truck driver there to access the big world map (unlocked after beating all story missions in the “Rift Town” region). Travel to the other region, talk to the Driver there, return to Rift Town, fast travel to Crossroads, mine ore, repeat. In 10 trips you can mine 30 ore this way.



How to Get Legendary LMG

Grim Marrow has 179 Firepower and has an 11.7% chance of Critical Damage. It grants 1% Skills Life Leech and 7% bonus to Close Range Damage. It comes with two Mods: SIngularity and Improved Stiffening. With Singularity, all killing shots create an Anomaly singularity. When destroyed, the singularity explodes dealing 240 damage to enemies within a 6.5-meter radius. With Improved Stiffness, all of your shots inflict Slow on enemies and it has a cooldown of 4 seconds.


The Grim Marrow is probably one of the first legendary weapons that you will unlock in Outriders and unlocking this particular weapon is not very hard as well. The very first thing that needs to be done is to make sure is that you must reach World Tier Level 4 as soon as possible while playing the main story of the demo. When you reach the final boss of the demo Gauss, you need to be at least World Tier Level 4 if not higher. Otherwise, chances are that you might get this brilliant legendary LMG.


Once you have reached at least World Tier Level 4, head to the final battle of the demo and fight Gauss. You need to defeat Gauss and make him drop the Grim Marrow legendary LMG. While this depends on the RNG and your luck however there is a big chance that most of the players will get this legendary weapon if they are at least World Tier 4 pretty easily after you defeat the very first boss of the game. Having World Tier Level 5 massively increases your chance of getting this weapon however World Tier Level 4 also works just as fine.




Name Description Gamerscore
Wavelengths and Wishes Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement. 15
Fortune Favors the Bold Reach character level 10. 15
Coup de Grâce Kill an enemy afflicted with at least 4 different status effects. 15
Awoken to a Nightmare Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement. 15
Ace in the Hole Use a skill enhanced by 4 different mods. 15
In Rode A Hero Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement. 15
Prospector Mine ore from a deposit 30 times. 15
A Gathering Storm Unlock a class tree node. 15
Gravedigger’s BFF Kill 7500 enemies. 70
Spoils of War Equip a legendary item. 20
Urgent Task Complete a side quest. 15
Snap of the Fingers Deal a total of 1,000,000 damage. 15
Fistbump Kill a total of 50 enemies with any Melee skill. 15
Hard Bargainer Sell 300 items. 15
Overtime at the Morgue Kill 3500 enemies. 15
Misfortune Loves Company Kill 10 enemies with no more than 2 seconds between each kill. 15
Inventor’s Almanac Unlock 125 unique weapon and armor mods for crafting. 30
One Man’s Junk… Dismantle 300 items. 15
Been There, Done That… Reach Accolade level 10. 15
One Way Ride Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement. 30
Malpractice Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement. 15
Breaking the Seal Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement. 15
Fatherhood Ain’t Easy, Boss Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement. 15
Descent to Fury Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement. 15
One Last Chance Continue the campaign to unlock this achievement. 80
Patron of the Past Complete the Historian questline. 15
Hand of Death Complete the Wanted questline. 15
Big Game Hunter Complete the Hunter questline. 15
The Burdens We Bear Complete “The Outrider’s Legacy”. 20
Multitasking Complete 25 side quests. 30
Squaretasking Complete all side quests. 70
Clash of the Altered Kill 5 Elites using skills only. 15
Hitting the Jackpot Kill 1000 enemies in Expeditions. 15
Leave Humanity Behind Reach character level 30. 30
Surpassing the Tempest Master a branch of the class tree for any class. 15
True Potential Use crafting to improve the rarity of 15 items. 15
Extreme Engineering Use crafting to replace 10 item mods. 15
Legacy of Enoch Equip a character with epic or legendary items only. 30
Knowledge is Power Fill in 150 journal pages. 15
One for the Books Fill in 300 journal pages. 30
Classy Complete the highest tier of 4 class-related Accolades for any class. 15
Outrider, First Class Complete all class-related Accolades for any class. 30
Been Everywhere, Done It All Reach Accolade level 20. 80


OUTRIDERS – Fixes – Depth of field, Anisotropic filtering (AF), Chromatic Aberration, FOV, Anti-aliasing (AA)


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