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PS4 & PS5 Controls for OUTRIDERS

PS4 & PS5 Controls for OUTRIDERS

What buttons do what on my PS4 & PS5 controller? What are the default key bindings?

Every control option on the PS4 & PS5 version of OUTRIDERS. You can customize the key bindings in the options menu. Simply navigate to Options > Controls from the main menu of the game.



PS4 & PS5 Controls

Triangle Switch Weapon / (Hold) Sidearm
Circle Roll / Traverse
Square Reload / Interact
X Button Enter Cover
L2 (ADS) Aim Down Sights
L1 Skill Slot 1
L1 + R1 Skill Slot 2
R2 Shoot
R1 Skill Slot 3
D-pad Up Track Objective/ (Hold) Party Quest
D-pad Right Contextual Panel
D-pad down Auto Loot
D-pad left Emotes Menu
Left Stick Movement Controls
Right Stick Camera Controls
L3 Sprint
R3 Melee/ Swap Camera
Start Button Hero Menu




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