OUTRIDERS PC Gamepad Controls


Xbox Wireless Controller

This guide refers to the Xbox Wireless Controller. Other gamepads can be used. Your controller may have different nomenclature for each button. Refer to your controller’s documentation or the Game Controllers section of the Windows Control Panel.


LT (ADS) Aim Down Sights
LB Skill Slot 1
LB + RB Skill Slot
RB Skill Slot 3
RT Shoot
Start button Game Menu
Select Button Hero menu
Y Button Switch Weapon / (Hold) Sidearm
B Button Roll/Traverse
X Button Reload/Interact
A Button Enter Cover
D-pad Up Track Objective/ (Hold) Party Quest
D-pad Right Contextual Panel
D-pad Down Auto Loot
D-pad Left Emote Menu
Left Stick Movement Control
Right Stick Camera Control
Left stick button Sprint/ Swap Camera (While ADS)
Right Stick Button Melee