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Muck – All Powerups and Their Effects Guide

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What is a powerup?

Powerups are basically stat buffs that players receive when they use the relevant items like food or a weapon attachment. The following are all of the powerups or stat boosts that players will get along with the items that will grant it. The powerups are divided by the type of buffs they grant.



Muck Attack Powerups

These powerups grants buffs to attacks, strength, critical chance, and more. The following are the food items that players can use in the Muck along with the stat boosts they grant.


Orange Juice (White Chest) – Increases Attack speed


Dumbbeli (White Chest) – Increased Base strength


Danis milk (Blue Chest) – Stronger bones increase Damage


Horshoe (Blue Chest) – Increased critical chance


Crimson knife (Blue Chest) – Lifesteal


Bulldozer (Blue Chest) – Chance to knock enemies back


Sniper Scope (Yellow Chest) – Small chance to deal chunky damage


Adrenaline (Yellow Chest) – Damage Boost when player health is below 30%


Knuts Hammer (Yellow Chest) – Deals extra electric damage


Checkered Shirt (Yellow Chest) – Increased damage to resources


Wings of glory (Yellow Chest) – Deal bonus damage when falling


Berserk (Yellow Chest)- The lower the health, the more damage player does



Muck Health Powerups

The following food items will grant players health buffs like increased regeneration or increased health.


Broccoli (White Chest) – Health Regeneration


Red pill (White Chest) – Increase max hp


Blue Pill (White Chest) – Increased shield


Dracule (Blue Chest)- Permanently increases Max HP on kill



Muck Movement Powerups

The following items grant players buff to movement like increased speed or increase in jump height.


Sneakers (White Chest) – Increased Movement speed


Jetpack (White Chest) – Increased Jump Height


Janniks Frog (Blue Chest) – +1 jump



Miscellaneous Powewrups

These powerups don’t really fit in any other category.


Peanut butter (White Chest) – +Stamina


Piggybank (Blue Chest) – Better loot in chests


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