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Mighty Party – Reset Times

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Different modes have different reset times:


  • Daily Quests reset daily at 4 PM UTC.


  • Weekly Quests reset weekly on Saturday at 6 PM UTC.


  • Friend Gifts, Dark Tower Gold Runs, Journey Bosses and Journey/Pit/Dark Tower shop contents reset daily at 6 PM UTC. Journey attempts regenerate at a rate of 1 key per 6 hours, with a maximum of 5 attempts.


  • Gold Mine resets daily at 8 PM UTC, 2 AM UTC, and 8 AM UTC.


  • Divine Arena resets every 3 days at 6 PM UTC.


  • The Pit resets weekly on Sunday at 5 PM UTC, with the next boss available daily at 5 PM UTC. Power Sigils regenerate at a rate of 1 sigil per 12 hours, with a maximum of 3 sigils.


  • Turf War resets weekly on Monday at 7 PM UTC. Battles occur daily at 1 AM UTC, 1 PM UTC, and 7 PM UTC, with daily rewards after the last battle. There is a 24 hour downtime from Sunday to Monday.


  • Raid resets weekly on Wednesday 6 PM UTC. Raids are available daily 24 hours after the start of the previous raid.


There is a 24 hour downtime from Monday to Tuesday where a new raid cannot be started, but existing raids can finish.


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