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Mighty Party – Purchasable Warlord Skins

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Purchasable warlords skins are strong upgrades over the base warlords. This should be one of the first purchases made with gems a new player makes.


  • Tier 1 – Pirate, Cookie, Ogre – great all around, abilities are unlikely to be countered. Pirate/Cookie are better than Ogre until heroes no longer die to their abilities.


Pirate excels in structured battles, but is also generally good everywhere. His weakness is having no immediate response to problematic heroes, meaning he’ll need to dedicate a squad slot to counter them.


Cookie/Ogre excel in unstructured battles like the Dark Tower due to being able to deal with problem heroes using Silence.


Cookie is better in the lower leagues, where his presents can instantly kill heroes due to their lower health.


Ogre is better in the upper leagues once Cookie’s presents start having difficulty killing things.


  • Tier 2 – Geisha, Widow – good, but abilities require setup to use effectively.


  • Tier 3 – Shadow, Efreet, Shaman, Nord – abilities are themed around a certain mechanic. Good only with a deck built around these abilities.


  • Tier 4 – Soccer, Fan, Cheer, Referee – these are just the base warlords with extra health. Not worth the purchase price.


In general, new players should aim to purchase Pirate first, then Cookie or Ogre. All other warlords should be purchase only with excess gems in order to complete the Event task in Chapter 3 to win with that specific warlord.


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