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Lobotomy Corporation Cheats

Lobotomy Corporation Cheats

How to Enable The Debug Menu

Simply press the`  (Tilde) key. Then type rimi any command you want to use



rimi standard expectopatronum 1.0




This is how the console executes commands. Use this command as an example;

rimi standard expectopatronum 1.0


After the console accepts the command, it first executes a validation function



This function accepts a string and returns a string.


First, the function gets the string’s MD5 before the first

. (tilde) key



This string here is



And then the function compares the result of this string’s MD5 with a MD5 result combined from two strings

GameUtil.h + GameUtil.h2


The content of this result is



If it matches, the function will return the rest part of the command The rest part of the command is standard expectopatronum 1.0


If it fails, the function will return null.


And the game will execute the results from the function.


BaseMod and other tutorials bypass this validation function


to use commands directly.


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