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How to Change Squad Names in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

How to Change Squad Names in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

One critically overlooked role in a soccer franchise is that of the manager. The person who is responsible for putting together the players and training them to work together usually takes a back seat to the players themselves. It might not be fair, but the feeling of watching a team you personally cultivated go the distance must be incredibly special. There is quite a bit that goes into putting a squad together. You need to make sure each player present is compatible with your other players, and that they do their own job exceedingly well. You’d also have to avoid any conflicts of ego, something that is probably quite prevalent in such a prolific sport.


The job must be difficult in real life, but you can also give it a shot in the digital realm via FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team mode. This returning game mode allows you to put together all of your favorite players in one club of your own creation, and this iteration is better than ever.


Selecting your players is one thing, but organizing them into squads that are effective in specific situations against certain teams can be quite time-consuming. The careful balancing act of skill and performance is something that will take more than a few matches to fine-tune until it’s perfect.


That’s why some pro-FIFA players like to arrange their squads by giving them certain name identifiers. You likely won’t just be working with a single squad throughout your Ultimate Team career, and getting them mixed up can be a fast track to failure. So, when forming specialized squads, it might be wise to give them names that will make them easy to find when you need them.


When and how you do this will be up to you, but the method for adding or changing squad names in FIFA 23 is pretty simple. What you’ll do is, open up the Squad Actions menu by pressing the L2 button on PlayStation or the LT button on Xbox, which will then bring up the Squad Selector screen.


Once you’re there, you can create brand-new squads, or rename them. If you want to change a squad name, press the Options or Menu button when you have the desired squad highlighted. Then you can enter whatever name you like, and confirm to lock it in.


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