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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How to Add a Guest

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How to Add a Guest

Everybody likes having guests over in online games. It’s the perfect way to flex your skills. It’s a fabulous feature that debuted in FIFA 21 but is set to return in FIFA 23. This guide outlines everything you need to host your guests to an online game, so without further ado, let’s begin.




  • In order to add guests to online games, you must have an active account with the right online permissions. You must also have an active subscription to PSN Plus or Xbox Live.


  • After creating a game, log into the console with a guest profile.


  • Finally, to add a guest, press the Triangle button on the PS4 & PS5 or the Y button on the Xbox One & Series X|S. You’ll have to press the buttons while you’re loading into an online match.


  • Up to three guests can be added to a team, which means you can play with four players total.


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