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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How to Change Captain

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How to Change Captain

With all the features that are being introduced in FIFA 23, you’ll surely want to try out new comps to test the limits of your player. Therefore, knowing how to change the captain is quite important. Here are a few steps that’ll easily help you change your Captain in FUT.




  • Go to the main FUT menu and choose Custom Tactics located under the Squad menu. You can also access it by pressing down on the Left Stick.


  • Now press L2 on your PS4 & PS5 or LT on your Xbox One & Series X|S to bring out another drop-down menu. Scroll down and Pick Custom Tactics from this section.


  • In the new menu, hover over to the fourth tab to access the Player Roles option. Press R1/RB to change roles. You can set the team captain from here.


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