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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How to Use Prime Icons in Skill Games

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team: How to Use Prime Icons in Skill Games

Icons are the legends of football. They are the best possible versions of any popular player and are extremely fun to play with. There are four icon versions available in the game – Base, Mid, and Prime Icon Moments. This guide discusses how to use prime icons in skill games. So without further ado, let’s begin.




In this guide you will learn everything about using prime icon players in skill games. Here are steps:


  • To start, click/select the Customize tab from the main menu.


  • Now go to Profile and open the Profile Manager.


  • Choose one of your profiles and press X on PS4 & PS5 or A on Xbox One Series X|S.


  • You’ll now be inside the profile options. Hover over the Favorite Team option and press X/A once again.


  • Select your favorite team and exit the Profile Manager and go to Team Sheets > Select your team > Choose the default formation.


  • You can now pick which prime icons you want to use in the skill game. 


The more prime icons (Pele, Maradona, etc.) you have on your team, the better you’ll be able to perform. Hopefully, this guide has answered your questions. But prime icons aren’t everything, as there are several new features that were introduced in FIFA 23. If you want to know more about the game, read the rest of our FIFA 23 guides.


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