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FIFA 23: How to Increase Stamina in Career Mode

FIFA 23: How to Increase Stamina in Career Mode

Stamina is one of the most important factors in FIFA 23. Without it, your players won’t be half as effective. The more stamina you have in store, the better you can perform on the pitch. This guide discusses how to boost your players’ stamina reserves in their career and perform more consistently throughout a game.




  • Every player has a different stamina pool. They also have a scale that shows their overall remaining stamina and how it depletes as they keep playing the game. Players with high stamina lose less fitness during matches compared to those with low stamina reserves.


  • Players with high stamina reserves are less tired and conclude a game with an overall higher fitness level. So, if you also want your players to run till the end of their matches, you’ll need to pick those who have a high stamina IG attribute.


  • In FIFA 23 Career Mode, you can increase the overall stamina of a player by completing objectives in the accomplishments tab. Furthermore, you can also use training drill cards on your players to quickly boost their stamina. But overall, you’d have to play more games and complete objectives daily if you want to increase those stamina reserves.


  • The physical attributes (acceleration, agility, jumping, marking, reactions, and strength) of a player not only affect their performance, but they also determine how often they are injured during a match. So, keep an eye on these when you start an online match as they determine your players’ overall performance on the pitch.




  • Constant Pressure – Switch from using constant pressure. It’s draining on the players if they are always guarding the enemy team without rest.


  • Rest in Possession – When you have the ball, at least during the early parts of the game, do not run around all the time. Pass it around casually. This doesn’t require much stamina. On the contrary, you gain stamina back, and once you find an opening, you can become a bit more aggressive.


  • Pass the ball as often as possible – Instead of moving with the ball, pass it around. Jogging with the ball greatly reduces your stamina, so unless it’s necessary, save it for the last push. Otherwise, pass the ball around your teammates to preserve your stamina.


  • Rotate Players – Not every position sees the same amount of action. If you see one of your players in a particular position is more exhausted than others, then rotate him with a different player. Move your players around in the game more often.


  • Don’t forget to Substitute – Most people forget about the bench completely. When one of your players’ fitness bars is running low, instead of pushing them, use the substitute feature to call in a player with perfect fitness.


  • Get higher stamina players – Easier said than done because everyone tries to snag the 80+ stamina players as early as possible. A quick way to sign high stamina players is to maintain a list of upcoming regen players.


  • A red stamina bar is better than an empty one – It’s natural for players to end a match with a red/orange fitness bar. If needed push them right to the end, but never deplete the stamina bar completely.


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