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FIFA 23 Career Mode: How to Get Sharpness Up

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Seasons are quite long in FIFA 23. Therefore, having a fit and healthy squad on standby is extremely important if you want them to perform consistently throughout the season. Sharpness correlates to a player’s alertness. It states how ready they are to step onto the field at any time and play at a standard level. Here are a few ways you can always keep your sharpness high. 




  • Balance sharpness and fitness – Players often confuse Sharpness with Fitness but they aren’t the same thing. A player who plays frequently will have high Match Sharpness but low Fitness. The goal is to strike a balance between playtime and rest.


  • Learning how to utilize drill simulations – Adding players to drills is a great way to sharpen them. You can either simulate drills or play them manually. For best results, you should play a few games manually first, because simulations use the highest score you achieve in manual matches. So, once your player receives an A grade on a certain drill, he will always get an A in simulated games.


  • Substitute players often – Substitute players often. Even if you’re leading, sub in players with low sharpness now and then to keep them in shape. It’s quite effective because, in a cup or league game, players can earn 10 points by only spending 15 minutes on the field.


  • Adjusting training schedule – You can also increase a player’s sharpness via training. Note that excessive training will exhaust your players, so plan wisely. Use the default training schedule to balance your team’s Fitness and Sharpness. Increase the number of training days if you need more Sharpness, otherwise decrease it to save stamina. 


Match Sharpness can be a deciding factor between winning and losing games. When you use a team that’s not at peak sharpness to play or simulate games, the AI will increase the number of positioning mistakes. Furthermore, the players will appear sluggish, which drastically weakens your defense. Maintaining a sharpness between 70 and 100 will make your players more vigilant and help them play consistently well throughout the season.


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