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How to Earn Skill Points in FIFA 23

How to Earn Skill Points in FIFA 23

Many gamers complained that player progression was way too slow in FIFA 22. Learning from that experience, EA has introduced several changes to FIFA 23 that will make farming skill points much easier. Let’s take a look.




  • Skill points are a very important resource in Volta football and Pro Clubs. They let you enhance a player’s overall performance in a match and can also unlock new abilities.


  • The total skill points you earn is based on the number of matches you’ve played.


  • Depending on your rating (0.0 to 10.0) throughout the match, the game rewards your Virtual Pro the Base Match XP.


  • Every attribute of your Virtual Pro receives a part of these XP points. Primary receives 100% of those XP points while Secondary and Tertiary receive 70% and 30%.


  • A maximum of 185 skill points can be earned by every player.


  • Also, there has been a considerable decrease in the amount of XP required to reach a new level and the maximum level.


  • With the introduction of 25 new levels, the level cap has been raised to 100. However, with the new changes, players will receive more XP than ever, so you don’t have to break your back earning your precious XP.


  • Finally, here is a quick tip to earn skill points. Enter a game by joining a club with your friend. Once the match starts, ask your friend to quit the game. The game should count it as if you’re actually playing the game and award you the designated points.


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