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FIFA 23 Career Mode: How to Find Regens

FIFA 23 Career Mode: How to Find Regens

Veteran players cannot keep playing for eternity, so once they retire, in order to keep things fresh in the Career mode, the game creates a regen version of them to take their place. Every regen is unique to the player, so both you and your friend will have a different set of regen players. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you find regen players more consistently among the huge sea of players.




  • If a player’s contract expired during their retirement, you can find them in the Free Agents section.


  • Maintain a list of all the players who are supposed to retire at the end of the current season. That’s the first step to searching for regens.


  • Don’t wait for the end of season to make that list. Early in the save, try to narrow your search to older players with a high overall. The list will definitely vary in between save files, however there are players who usually retire in season 1, such as Iniesta, Ibrahimovic, and Buffon.


  • A more direct approach is to search for players manually in the Transfer tab. You can clearly spot which players are retiring that season and will become regens.


  • Players will disappear from the Transfer tab as soon as they retire, so always maintain a running list. Note down any names that are going to retire soon. You can always cherry-pick the names you want later, but having a master list is invaluable.


  • If you cannot find them anywhere else, check the Free Agents Hub.


  • The AI will also be on the prowl for these players, so sign them up as soon as you spot them.




  • Regen players also have the same potential as the required players, so invariably, they are the next top talents to recruit.


  • All regen players will be between 16 to 21 years of age. 


  • Furthermore, they will have the same nationality, position, League and birthday, so if two or more regens share the same position and nationality, you can differentiate them based on their birthdays.


  • Where they do differ is the stats. All regen players come with randomly generated stats, and different physical features. They even start out with different names.


  • The preferred foot skill move, height, weight, weak foot set are also randomly generated.


Regen players keep the game fresh. The meta doesn’t become stagnant since old players are rotated out and the regen ones have slightly different stats than their predecessors. The change in stats can affect your gameplay, so play a few practice matches before butting heads against your online friends.


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