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How to Use FUT Stadium Player Celebrations in FIFA 23

How to Use FUT Stadium Player Celebrations in FIFA 23

In the game of soccer, spirits can run high. When some of the most athletic sportsmen in the world collide in frantically competitive matches, avoiding outbursts of emotion is nearly impossible. While players obviously can’t go around head-butting people like Zidane, there are a few acceptable ways to let that emotion out. Some players run, scream, and jump around the pitch when the hype becomes too much for them, and we can’t really blame them. Blowing off that steam might even be helpful in allowing them to focus better for the next play.


In keeping with its dedication to perfectly simulating the game of soccer, the FIFA series also has a few ways you can present these same emotions in its games. Most notable is the recently released FIFA 23, which has some of the best options for clowning on the players who dare stand against you.


Not just some of the best, but probably the most diverse in terms of options as well. There is a list of iconic player celebrations from throughout FIFA history at your fingertips, and you can apply any celebration to any character. You can use these player celebrations in any match, but they are the most potent when used in the ultra-competitive FIFA Ultimate Team mode.


  • If you want to have the perfect player celebration lined up to make your opponents as salty as possible, here is the procedure you’ll need to follow. First, go to the Club menu, then select Stadium. From there, you can find the Club sub-menu and access Player Celebrations.


  • In the Player Celebrations menu, you can assign any celebration you’d like. There are quite a few available from the jump, but even more can be unlocked by opening packs you earn in-game. If you want to skip the middleman, you can also purchase them outright from the marketplace. If you’re looking to add to your stack of FUT coins, you can even sell celebrations you don’t want for a sizable profit.


  • Once you have a celebration equipped, you’ll probably want to use it! To do that, all you need to do is double tap the Circle button on PlayStation or the B button on Xbox. Just note that the animation won’t play if you’re running off the pitch or into the goal.


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