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FIFA 23: Power Header Trait

FIFA 23: Power Header Trait

Traits are small characteristics that affect a player’s in-game performance. Every trait affects a player’s behavior both on and off the pitch. While some traits affect how a player performs, others determine how they are injured or how they are controlled by the AI. Traits are usually assigned based on a player’s real-life performance, and the power header is one such trait. Let’s have an in-depth look into its properties.




  • The power header trait can be utilized in Standard, Virtual Pro (Player Career & Clubs) and Volta Football.


  • Players with this trait will do more powerful headers. Furthermore, during an attacking corner kick, the player is more likely to be chosen to fill a key position in the opposition penalty area. Also, during short corner kicks, they are less likely to be chosen as the support player.


  • You can also achieve this trait from the Shooting Skill Tree in Pro Clubs.




  • To win more headers, instead of tapping the power button, hold it down until you get four bars. Whether you’re clearing a header, winning a header that’s been kicked up the goalkeeper or making a shot, charge the power bar so you have the maximum chance of winning the header.


The header trait is one of many in the game. If you want to find out about a particular trait or want to know where it can be used, refer to our FIFA 23 ultimate traits guide for more information.


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