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Disgaea 4 Complete+ – What are R40 weapons/armors and how do you get them?

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What are R40 weapons/armors and how do you get them?

R40 weapons/armors are the strongest in their own categories but can only be obtained through the Item World of a R39 weapon/armor. But that’s not all, you’ve gotta steal it from a powerful foe! That’s right, at floor 100 of an R39 weapon/armor, sits an Item God (2) with the R40 weapon already equipped on it. So not only you’ll need the patience to go from floor 1 to 100, but you’ll also need to STEAL it from the foe.


Thus, you need a high-level thief (since they got a natural boost at stealing) and high tier stealing hand. Do know that you can “gency” out of an item before going to floor 100, so you may as well use it in floor 99, save and do your thing. If you fail stealing the item, just save-scum (or retry if you survive the assault and have enough materials).


If you do succeed in stealing, you can either beat the crap out of the Item god or just scram and keep your legendary R40 item.



– Do know that some past tier weaponry can only be obtained through LoC from Bonus Gauge or stealing


– Some unique items can only be obtained through unique enemies too (Zetta with “Makai Wars” for example)


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