Controls for Orten Was The Case - MGW

Controls for Orten Was The Case


Here’s a quick guide listing the default PC keyboard and Xbox gamepad controls for Orten Was The Case. The controls are simple and easy to remember, but keep this guide handy for a quick refresher whenever you need it!!



PC Keyboard Controls

Controls for Orten Was The Case


  • Up: W


  • Down: S


  • Left: A


  • Right: D


  • Jump: Spacebar


  • Interact: F


  • Cancel: Q


  • Left Item: E


  • Right Item: R


  • Pause/Status: ESC


  • Timeline: Tab


  • Logbook: T


  • Next Tab: R


  • Previous Tab: E


  • Previous Page: Backspace


  • Attack: F


  • Dodge: Spacebar



Xbox Controller Bindings

Controls for Orten Was The Case


  • Jump: X


  • Cancel: B


  • Left Item: LB


  • Pause/Status: Menu Button


  • Timeline: View Button


  • Logbook: Y


  • Previous Tab: LB


  • Previous Page: D-Pad Left


  • Dodge: X


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