The Case Book of Arne: Case 1 Guide


Chapter 1 (Teil 1)


Have Lynn follow her father discreetly. Hide behind lampposts and around corners to avoid being seen.


MISSION: Flee from ???

Flee to the same direction you came from.


When the options appear, choose “run upward” (yes, into the alley).


NEXT: Try walking around

Walk around the city and confirm that there is no exit.


NEXT: Investigate this place

Interact with the pumpkin at the top of the hall and select “get slapped!” to open a secret entrance. Use it to go underground.


NEXT: Walk along the wall

Follow the wall until you find a mirror.


TEST: Ball in the cup

Choose any answer.


NEXT: Find a way into the mansion

Go to the kitchen door. Zisye will tell you that the guest rooms on the second floor are empty. Press V to turn Arne into a bat and fly to the middle balcony, then press V again to turn him back to normal and enter the mansion.


NEXT: Turn into mist to get past guard

Leave the room and press V immediately to transform. Get past the guard and up the stairs in 5 seconds.


NEXT: Turn into mist to get past those two

Press V and go through the characters. Stop in front of the door.


INFERENCE: This is not her father’s corpse

Select “type AB”.


NEXT: Inspect clearly unnatural area

Investigate the blood near the wall with a piece of paper on it.


INFERENCE: Her father’s secret

BDT: Make the blood dummy walk to the respective circles to mark the options.

Select “accomplices”, “reviving the dead”, and “his wife”.

Chapter 2 (Teil 2)


Choose “Politely”.

NEXT: To father’s room on the third floor



Select “Arrogantly”.



Hover your mouse over each symbol to link them.



A comparison between the room now and in the past. Move the magnifying glass to the table below the duct in the “present” area to mark the missing vase.



Move your mouse over each symbol to link them.


NEXT: Where’s the suspicious tile?

Go to the only part of the floor that is not covered by blood.


NEXT: What would a human use…?

Get the shovel in the upper corner opposite the ladder.


NEXT: That blood…?

Interact with the pool of blood on the table.



To attack, press the ← and → keys, in that order.


NEXT: Dodge text and get to Bernd

Avoid the texts. Beware that each time you reach Bernd, the texts will get faster.



Select “the maids”, “guard & gardener” and “the chef” in any order.


NEXT: Walk around the mansion

Go up the stairs to the second floor. A new objective will be announced. Follow the corridor to the Waiting Room.


NEXT: Hide somewhere

Hide on the balcony (door on the upper wall of the room).



How was the omelet? “cracking good!”

You can tune a piano… “but not a bass!”

A broken pencil is… “best written off!”

A sick lemon needs… “to cit and rest!”



Click the most curious statement: “I think I saw a suspicious figure”.

Click anywhere on the screen for the messages to change.

Click the contradictory parts: select the word “alone” in the two maids’ messages.

Show the reason to think Kai came here earlier: select the red figure.

Show the reason to think it was not the guard Bernd: select the guard dogs.

What did Kai use to get to the second floor: select the ladder.

The motive was: select the last option with Kai and Diana.


Capture him:

Have Arne fly to the marker in front of the gate before Kai gets there. After the interaction between the two, have the bat intercept Kai by stopping in front of him.



Hover your mouse over each symbol to link them.



Press the ← and → keys, in that order.




Select “impacts”

Select the space exactly 9 squares away from Arne’s position.



Select the space exactly 11 squares away from Arne’s position.



Select the word “once” in Bernd’s message.


NEXT: Go see Elise

She will be in the Maids Room.



I saw you… “break”.

Where’s the… “glass”.


NEXT: Something on the wall…?

Interact with the note on the wall and go to the courtyard gate.


Lynn is attacked by the guard dogs and has to dodge them.

Order of moves: → ← ↑


Select “2F guest room.”

ACTION: Have Kai pick up the ladder and take it to the marked circle under the balcony.

ACTION: Clean the broken vase, go up the stairs to the third floor, enter the Storeroom, and get the vase.

What was Bernd doing? Select “passing out”.

BDT: Make the blood dummy walk to the respective circles to mark the options.

Select “scent”.



Chapter 3 (Teil 3)

Examine the tomb. After the brief cutscene, take the shovel from the tree and interact with the tomb again.

Cross the bridges that appear. When a song starts playing, follow the intensity of the song to know which way to go (answer: up, left, up again).


What are you starting with?

The order of the options makes no difference.


NEXT: For now, go to the dining room

Talk to Gordon.


NEXT: Assemble everyone in the mansion

Accompanied by Gordon, go to the kitchen and talk to Heinz.

Go to the maids’ room, change your companion to Heinz and talk to Elise.

Go to the entranceway, change your companion to Elise, and talk to Bernd.

Go to the guest room on the second floor, select “Only” and interact with the door. Diana will refuse to go with you.


NEXT: Talk to Arne in Lynn’s room

Go back to your room and talk to Arne. Select “use powers on” and then, “a twin”.

After the conversation, go back to the guest room.


MISSION: Don’t let Diana’s words reach Kai

Quickly click the speech bubbles that appear to cancel Diana’s questioning.

When talking with Arne, choose “my mentor”.



Arne’s Turn (1): choose “Elise escaped through the vents” (3rd image).

Arne’s Turn (2): choose “the two cooperated to lift the ladder” (2nd image) and “one of them went inside and headed to the master’s room” (3rd image).


NEXT: The reason we know the untinkable

Go to the mirror.


Who is the murderer?

Select Gordon, the butler.



Select “can’t do blood”.



(When this guide was originally written, the game had a glitch in this part and the text in the background could not be read. Therefore, besides the character’s lines, the scenario will also be described).

Choose Prior Information “Sure enough, that broken vase was your doing…” (scene with Lynn, Gordon and Elise in the maids’ room) + Gordon’s statement “I was reading in my room the whole time”.



First, defeat the shadows without letting them touch Arne from the sides or back.

In the second part of the fight, just avoid the marked areas until Arne starts talking about his strategy. Then, focus on staying in the safe area underneath the flying shadow so you can attack it head-on.

In the last part, you need to find a way to move around the board without falling into traps or being attacked by shadows. Walk-in this order: → ↑← ↑ ↑



Rescue Elise in the maids’ room, Heinz in the kitchen, and Diana and Kai on the guest room balcony (use the stairs in the right hallway to get there).


With that, the first case is finished.


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