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Voidtrain PC Controls and Key Bindings


All aboard the craziest interdimensional transport in existence! In Voidtrain, you will become the newest member of an IET (Interdimensional Express Train). As you deliver cargo here and there, you’ll need to defend your train from impossible creatures and enemies from across time and space. Most people would prefer to be the conductor of a regular train, but you have a thirst for adventure!


Fight for survival, collect resources, and construct all of the necessary equipment you could need for successful deliveries across dimensions. Better yet, if the prospect of doing all of this on your own seems to be too much, you can team up with your friends for up to 4-player co-op!


Whether you’re on your own or backed up by people you trust, you are going to need a good grasp of Voidtrain’s controls. Things can get pretty complicated, and when one wrong move can leave you stranded in an unfamiliar dimension, you want to know what you’re doing at all times. Thankfully, we have a way to do just that.


With our Voidtrain PC controls and key bindings guide, you’ll have all of the game’s controls laid out for you, easy to reference at all times. So take notes if you have to, but make sure you stay on top of things. You don’t want to get eaten by an alien because you forgot the controls!



All PC Settings



Keyboard Controls

  • W: Move Forward


  • S: Move Backward


  • A: Strafe Left


  • D: Strafe Right


  • Space Bar: Jump


  • Left Ctrl: Crouch


  • Left Mouse Button: Fire


  • Right Mouse Button: Aim


  • R: Reload


  • 1: Weapon Slot 1


  • 2: Weapon Slot 2


  • 3: Revolver


  • Middle Mouse Button: Winch


  • Left Shift: Sprint


  • E: Interact


  • F: ALT Interact/Melee


  • G: Switch Fire Mode


  • I: Inventory


  • J: Journal


  • Q: Consumables


  • T: Tools


  • X: Heavy Train


  • B: Crafting Book


  • N: Hammer



Controller Bindings (Xbox)

  • Left Stick: Moving/(Tap) Sprint


  • Right Stick: View/(Tap) Melee


  • A: Jump


  • B: Crouch


  • X: Interact/Reload


  • Y: Alt. Interact/Toggle Weapon/(Hold) Revolver


  • LT: Aim


  • RT: Fire/Place Project


  • LB: Switch Fire Mode


  • RB: Winch


  • D-Pad Up: Tools/(Hold) Tools Menu


  • D-Pad Left: Heavy Item/(Hold) Heavy Item Menu


  • D-Pad Right: Consumables/(Hold) Consumables Menu


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