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There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension – Missable Achievements Guide

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Missable Achievements

Main Menu

It’s a trap! Blindly follow the arrows.

Start the game and follow the arrows: This way: Quit: Yes (This usually doesn’t trigger if you have already been playing the game for a while; just close the game and open it again)



Chapter 1

1 287 Roshambo Addict Become the world’s worst.

Cycle through all of the cards several times, losing repeatedly at roshambo, without making progress on the real puzzle.



2 9 Conspiracy theorist Read all the messages that reveal the real truth!

Read all Truth DOC in each private folder (which you will probably do while looking for clues anyway)



Chapter 2

1 288 This is not a Beat’em up Beat up an innocent bystander.

Repeatedly punch Mr Willhelm beyond getting the letter H until you get this, without making further story progress. (At least 6 extra punches)



2 10 Wrong Dimension Call.

Attempt calling “the creator” using his phone number from chapter 6 that you acquired from a previous play through. (555-8121)



3 2 Spam Harass Sherlock Holmes over the Telettrophone.

Call him repeatedly without progressing the real puzzle (which would be to call his partner). At least 4 calls, he’ll eventually run out of comments and just hang up.



4 2 Blue moon Get a blue moon… or almost.

Paint the moon blue instead of yellow when you get the chance.



Chapter 3

1 289 Honey, I blew up the Hero In the house, turn the Hero into a giant without using the monocle. After you get the shrinking hammer, shrink everything else in the home (pots, bed, etc) excluding the Hero.



2 11 Life sentence Volontarily drown the Hero.

Shrink the lily pad when the hero is on it so that he drowns.



3 3 Random luck! In the dimensional temple, find the combination without reading the runes. Complete the puzzle without shrinking the fires to read the runes. The combination isn’t actually random, so you could get this on a new play through by knowing the combination already. (Left, Up, Right, Down)



Chapter 4

1 290Serial Clicker Click, click, click. More clicks. Even more clicks! Just keep clicking until you get this. If you fill up the max amount from clicks before you spend, this should happen pretty early in the chapter.



2 12 Follow the guide! Find the squirrel hiding in the Verdant Landscape. When the ad for a guide appears on the bottom of the screen during the buttons puzzle, there will be a screenshot of a Verdant landscape and it will say to click a peculiar bush 5 times. Just do that when you have a chance to move around the map


1 291



Chapter 5

1 292 Serge Karamasov Jump over a chair.

During “Hit The Road” jump and fail repeatedly until the mini-game switches to noob mode and sends you chairs. Successfully jump over a chair to continue. (instead of the boxes)



2 13 Carmack junior Enter GiGi’s code without making a single mistake. You must enter the code that Gigi sings correctly on the first try. Changing the order of the code before pressing enter still counts as a failure and will not get this achievement. You need to start over if you mess this up.


1 293



Chapter 6

1 294 Skeet shoot Destroy all the validation signs.

Starting from the first time you get the option to quit, click all available yes signs before pressing no. (on every cycle)



2 14 Better than Mr. Radar You’ve got to be a Spaceballs fan to find the solution. When answering the quiz questions, on the third question select: “Instant Cassettes” to get the achievement. (All the answers are “wrong” anyway)


1 295



1 296 Who you gonna call? Use a cell phone to call someone with magical powers.

Call Miss Voodoo from chapter 2. (555-2368)


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