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F1 2021: Video Game – Assists Guide

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  • Braking Assist: This shows how much the game will help you during braking.


  • Anti-lock Brakes: If activated, this setting will prevent the wheels from locking after sudden braking.


  • Traction Control: If activated, it will prevent the car from sliding too much during acceleration, especially in cases of restarting from a standstill or after a curve.


  • Dynamic Racing Line: This setting will cause a trajectory along the track to appear, green if your speed is good, and yellow or red if you have to brake. You can select the complete option or the “curves only” option, and decide whether to display it in 3D or 2D.


  • Pit Assist: If activated, it will take control of the car at the entrance to the pits, so you won’t have to worry about respecting the speed limit and parking correctly.


  • Pit Release Assist: Like the previous one, but it takes care of exiting the pits.


  • ERS Assist: If activated, it will automatically manage the delivery of extra energy via ERS. Otherwise, you will have the possibility to manually activate the overtaking mode during the race, which will provide you with a boost for the engine power for a few seconds.


  • DRS Assist: It automatically manages the DRS.


  • Fuel Assist: It automatically manages the various fuel mixtures. If deactivated you can alternate the fuel mixture between lean, standard, and rich, but be careful with consumption.


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