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F1 2021 Video Game: All Voice Commands Guide

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Voice Commands

You can use voice commands to talk to your engineer during the lap. This is easier than fiddling with the menu and usually much faster.


To use a voice command, press the corresponding button (LB on Xbox Controller by default) and say one of the commands below.



Complete List of Voice Commands

• Box this lap

• Full race update

• Driver in front

• Driver behind

• Who am I racing?

• Tyre status

• Vehicle condition

• Weather report

• Fuel information

• Pit stop information

• Set hard tires

• Set medium tires

• Set soft tires

• Set super-soft tires

• Set ultra-soft tires

• Set intermediates

• Set full wets

• Adjust wing up

• Set wing balance

• Change wing down

• Teammate status

• Rival status

• Fastest lap overall

• Best lap update

• Last lap time

• Championship standings

• Engineer quiet

• Engineer talk

• Engineer repeat

• Fewer updates

• More updates

• Shut up, Jeff

• Leave me alone



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Nathan mercer
Nathan mercer
4 months ago

You may want to update this only ps4 and pc support voice all gen xboxs do not support voice i have x series and the official line from ea and codemasters is a technical issues with the so called most powerful console in the world.

4 months ago

PS5 voice not supported either

4 months ago

I’m also with Nathan. It’s so lame that they can add this feature, almost everyone has next-gen consoles now and uses a headset that has a microphone. Codemasters said that it was due to “technical limitations” I don’t get it… I do hope they fix it with a patch.

4 months ago
Reply to  Cris

It’s because of the stupid way Microsoft set it up requiring a Kinect for voice commands.