F1 2021 Video Game: All Voice Commands Guide

Voice Commands

You can use voice commands to talk to your engineer during the lap. This is easier than fiddling with the menu and usually much faster.


To use a voice command, press the corresponding button (LB on Xbox Controller by default) and say one of the commands below.



Full List of Voice Commands

• Box this lap

• Full race update

• Driver in front

• Driver behind

• Who am I racing?

• Tyre status

• Vehicle condition

• Weather report

• Fuel information

• Pit stop information

• Set hard tyres

• Set medium tyres

• Set soft tyres

• Set super soft tyres

• Set ultra soft tyres

• Set intermediates

• Set full wets

• Adjust wing up

• Set wing balance

• Change wing down

• Team mate status

• Rival status

• Fastest lap overall

• Best lap update

• Last lap time

• Championship standings

• Engineer quiet

• Engineer talk

• Engineer repeat

• Fewer updates

• More updates

• Shut up, Jeff

• Leave me alone


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