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Starbase – Weapons Guide

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How many weapons are there? Can we make custom weapons?

In a sense, fixed weapons (a lot), but in a sense, custom. How you use them, place them, aim them, etc., is the key, which is completely up to players. Also, some missiles have in-game-programmable guidance chips.



Do weapons have different damage types?

Kinetic, laser, plasma, yeah. Missiles, torpedoes, and dumbfire rockets are also a thing. If we are talking about ship-scale weaponry. But every ship in space is a potential weapon.




Dumbfire missiles at 150m/s




Have lower speeds compared to a missile? It can be Laser-guided and YOLOL controlled.



Mounted Weapons:


A fast-firing weapon with a widespread. High bullet flight speed. The ammo drum has 500 ammunition; reloading requires physical replacement of the drum.



Flak Cannon

A cannon meant for point defense is effective at destroying incoming torpedoes and missiles.



Swarm Missiles

Similar to the missile launcher, but fires a lot of smaller missiles.



Rail Cannon

The extremely slow rate of fire and requires time to charge up. Has no spread. The projectile travels fast, with the longest range of more than 5km. It has a magazine that stores 100 slugs.



Laser Cannon

Has a very high rate of fire with minimal spread. It has a rechargeable energy cell that stores 200 laser shots. The energy cell recharges 1 shot every 4 seconds, but it can also be entirely replaced for an instant full charge.



Plasma Thrower

Has a slow rate of fire, with a low spread. It fires a slow traveling bolt of energy which does fracture damage. Plasma cell stores 100 shots before needing to be replaced. It was told that glass might stop it, as long as it’s not a penetrating weapon.



Mining Laser

Though not its intended use, it can still be used as a devastating weapon! Fires a constant short-range beam that does fracture damage. Fracture damage is splitting objects into chunks. When it’s used on asteroids, it splits the asteroid into chunks, and when used on ships, it splits their hull into chunks.



Will space mines be a thing?

Proximity mines are already possible with simple YOLOL and rangefinders – there are probably other possible sensors to use as well.


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