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Starbase – Asteroid Mining Guide

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Asteroid Mining

Everything you need to know about beating up rocks for lunch money.



Mining Basics

Your pickaxe is in your inventory [I]. Drag it out into your Hotbar, then select it. The pickaxe has two sides – one breaks the asteroid into fragments, and the other breaks up those fragments in a smaller area.


Connect to the station’s or your ship’s resource bridge by pressing [F] while looking at it.


Use either modes of the pickaxe to break up the asteroid and collect the materials inside.


Once you’re done mining, head back to the station and find a set of red towers called the Ore towers. You’ll be able to unload and sell your materials there.


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Finding the right minerals

There’s currently no way to tell what you’re mining unless you start mining it. Good luck!


Certain materials will look different, so you can discern what it contains by looking at it. Not every asteroid will have the same core materials, even if the surface looks the same.


Asteroid Color Shell Material Core Material
Silver / Blue Ajatite, Ice Vokarium
Brown Valkite Bastium
Green-Gray Talkite Charonium



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