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Starbase – Ship Building and Management Guide

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Easy-Build Mode

Go into the Easy-Build Hall and ensure your ship is entirely inside of the blue landing area. Then, press [.] to enter Easy Build Mode. Otherwise, it will be automatically activated in 5 seconds.


You can craft modules by pressing [H] using the materials in your Station Storage. Just click on a module with a green number next to it to begin the crafting. You’ll need to wait for the module to craft – more complex modules take longer to craft.


Once the module is crafted, drag it to your Hotbar. Use your jetpack to go to your ship, select the module in your Hotbar, and press [C] to enable snapping if it isn’t enabled already. You can use the mouse wheel to change the yaw orientation or [X]/[Y]/[Z] to change the axis. The module will light up green when it has a valid attach point.


If the module is red, you may not have any more modules or aren’t attached properly.



Adding and Removing Components

You can remove something from your ship by equipping the Welder Tool and right-clicking.


Pressing the [P] key will allow you to pick up modules you have put down and helps with fixing mistakes. Handy for the building tutorial.



Removing / Getting rid of a ship

Method 1: Decommission

You can decommission your ship in the pause menu and by clicking the ‘Decommission’ button. However, you won’t get credits by doing this.



Method 2: Selling the ship

Go to a ship or parts store and go to the sell terminal, then find your ship. Click on your ship to sell it for credits.


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