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Starbase – A Beginner’s Guide to Asteroids

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A Beginner’s Guide to Asteroids

Asteroids are all saved and they deplete, but there are a lot of them. players just need to move a bit when one part is eaten up, if that ever happens …  they are in a belt around the plane. I think the belt diameter is something like 14,000 km and it’s 2,000 km thick, so there’s like .. a lot of asteroids. Asteroids are permanently gone once mined, broken, or carried away.



How big are asteroids?

Current asteroid sizes compared to robots. kv stands for kilovoxel, it’s literally how many (1000) voxels the asteroid has.


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Can I move an asteroid?

Asteroids can be moved, but do not move by themselves.


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What parts of an asteroid are valuable?

Each voxel is worth something. the outer rock is used mostly to build stations, while the core is used for ships, devices, etc. depending on what the core is. But the core is worth 10-100x more than the rock parts. All asteroids contain ore, you just need to crack it open to see which. there are faster ways to do this also, like explosives.



Can I build a base or a ship inside an asteroid?

When we get tech for bigger asteroids we will aim for this, able to build inside an asteroid. Making an asteroid to fly, as building a ship inside it is a fun question and might be doable. Have to try it.



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