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Starbase – Resources – What kinds of resources will we find in space?

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What kinds of resources will we find in space?

Starbase currently has like 20 mineable materials. Here are inventory icons for materials and their processed ingots:


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Here are some names at the moment:



Asteroid rock shell materials

  • Valkite


  • Ajatite



Asteroid core metals

  • Bastium


  • Oninum


  • Aegisium


  • Charodium


  • Merkerium


  • Lukium



What do the various processed materials do?

 Nhurgite and Surtrite are used to make different explosive types. For example, simple C4 / RDX explosives would be made primarily by Nhurgite, while incendiary versions would include Surtrite. Karnite and Haderite are still looking for their homes. But Alloys are one thing; they are certainly being used.



How are resources distributed throughout space? Is it uniform?

Ore distribution will be.. interesting.. not equal.



Are there rare resources/materials worth fighting over?

There is a lot of materials in design, and some of them are quite valuable. Fighting for resources will be a thing for sure.


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