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Rune 2 Beginner’s Guide

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  • Glowing blue circles are conservation points between which you can quickly travel! However, remember that with this movement, any artifacts will be lost. For example, one of those you can find after activating a magnet in the middle of the Herald of the End mission.


  • The color of the opponent’s name indicates how strong he is. The weakest savages are marked in green; the stronger ones are yellow and orange.


  • Pick up any loot that you find.


  • You can store collected items in a chest inside any built house. Regardless of the name of the building you are rebuilding, there is a standard set of objects inside – a grinder, an anvil, a fireplace, a chest, and a stone for crafting runes.


  • To get the wood, attack the tree with any weapon. Any tree falls after three hits. But depending on the size of the tree, 2-4 branches may remain after the fall.


  • Iron, stone, copper are mined during the destruction of stones. You get them during the blows.


  • Look for prey inside different chests and bags suspended from poles. You will find such bags already on the first island of the game. Create a bow and arrow so that you can shoot down bags. Aim directly at them.


  • Be sure to study all the blue stones to get different information and tips on the game, as well as data about the plot.


  • Press Y to see current and completed quests. In addition, there are tests in the far right section. Check out their terms. Follow the appropriate steps to earn extra experience points.


  • To restore health points, catch and kill a lizard, deer, boar, or wolf. Then cook this meat at stake. Bonfires are not only in homes but simply in the surrounding world. Human flesh is better not to eat; otherwise, there will be various debuffs.


  • Soon your inventory will be full. To unload it, disassemble a rusty and identical weapon, choosing its cell and simultaneously clamping LMB and RMB. If you have a lot of materials of the same type, then move the part to the chest.


  • Open the last tab of the anvil to see the menu for creating steel and bronze. Do them to reduce the amount of ore in your inventory.


  • The whetstone inside any home allows you to repair all EQUIPPED equipment. If you have a second sword, you will have to equip it and sharpen it again. For each sharpening, special items are consumed (stones from the inventory). You find them when killing enemies, searching chests and bags.


  • In addition to the main strike on the LMB and the block on the RMB, you can use a lunge strike. To do this, press CTRL.


  • Learn how to use shortcuts as soon as possible. Open the inventory, and you will see 10 such cells in the lower left. Items located in the quick access box do not take up space in the inventory!


  • During the game, in the lower right corner of the screen, you will see five quick access cells that are activated on the 1/2/3/4/5 keys. The ALT key allows you to switch to the second five of such items.


  • Runes are consumable items that need to be installed in the quick access cell. The red rune restores HP, the blue one throws away enemies, the orange one increases damage, and the purple one allows you to teleport forward for short distances.


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